Star Trek Online Elite Task Force: Infected
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Welcome to the Clan [WHY!] breakdown of

Star Trek Elite Task Force: Infected(Space)

Hello scrubs and welcome to the breakdown of Star Trek Online's Elite difficulty Task Force: Infected(Space). Special Task Forces, or STF's as they are called for short, are an end game mission for Star Trek Online. If you're reading this hopefully you know at least that much. Perhaps you are just getting to Lvl 45 in the game though and you've just got the missions. Now what?

The weapon of mass destruction we'll be using.

Well first off this guide will cover the elite difficulty. Lets briefly cover the loot you will get from these missions. The 3 you will always get for completing a STF are Omega Marks, unredfined dilithium, and Borg Neural Processors. All of these items help you to complete the Omega Task Force reputation system. Sometimes you will also get a piece of space gear as a prize drop. Usually its crap.

The Omega Reputation System unlocks Perks and Gear.

As you progress through this system you will unlock additional perks/buffs for your character as well as the ability to buy some pretty decent gear for space and ground combat. You do not need to do different STF's to unlock ground and space gear-heck you can farm the same one over and over again if you want. These rewards are why elite is where its at as they can be far greater on this difficulty. Enough of the chit chat though, its time to que up and do this.

I'm going to break Infected down into 4 basic parts. They are 5 person missions and for each part I'll describe the steps that I and my fleetmates use to beat this STF in about 8-10 minutes-while also getting the optional mission done. One final note before we get started though-and this goes for any space STF-you don't need the best gear or some 'build of the week' to get these done with the optionals. What you do need are the knowledge of what you should be doing and enough GUN. I can't stress this enough. STO STF's are really DPS oriented. 1 or 2 tactical officers in escorts make things infinitely easier, so long as they know what they're doing. You gotta have both damn it.

STF Infected Part I:
Initial Confrontation

The first part of Infected is the easiest. You will warp in with the 4 other people doing the mission and be confronted with your first enemies. It will be a Borg Cube and 2 spheres. The objective for this part is simple-kill the enemy cube and spheres. The optional does not apply at this part of the mission and you cannot avoid this fight. Now it is at this point you must do a quick survey. If you are doing this mission with fleetmates you know the caliber of the players you are with. If you are pugging it, however, its time to survey what the internet hath bestowed upon you. Are you grouped with 4 beam cruisers? Prepare for pain. Also, you can actually get ship injuries on Elite difficulty if you die and it's not unusual for one of your pugmates to show up with a huge list of them right when you start.

Teammate ship injuries will show up under their icon on the upper left. Your injuries will appear above your ship icon. White is minor, yellow major and red is critical.

Some people will tell you that injuries don't matter. In the above example my ships engine power was reduced to 5 because of injuries. Injuries matter so heal up if you blow up. Pugs with lists of injuries longer than this will most likely be useless and just blow up a lot. This means you're now fighting the borg and your teammates inability to stay alive and contribute. YAY. You can try talking to them however they may not speak english (lot of Germans flying around these days...) or they just wont care to read. Point of the story? Use this easy part to judge what you're working with.

STF Infected Part II:
It Gets A Little Tricky

So you destroyed the Cube and Spheres, good. Time for the tricky part. And this is not so much tricky as it just requires a little coordination between you and your teammates. After the last of the 3 initial enemies is destroyed you will see a transwarp gate flanked on both sides by smaller transwarp conduits. You cannot damage the conduits yet so don't even try. Make sure to also steer clear of the Transwarp gate, meaning more than 10 clicks away, as it will kill you quite quickly if you don't pay attention. Head over to the left(99% of the time even when pugging the group will do this) and prepare to destroy the cube above the transwarp conduit. Take note on your mission update that the optional objective is now active. You've got 15 minutes left to finish the mission if you want the extra omega marks.

Your goal next is to fight the cube above the transwarp conduit. Note the 4 generators feeding into the conduit, 2 in front and 2 behind.
At this point your group should focus fire on the Borg Cube. The nanite generators at this point can be damaged-but you shouldn't even think about that before destroying the cube. If someone in your pug group begins to focus fire on a generator tell them to stop. Know that if a generator is blown at this point your STF may well take over 30 minutes to finish. That being said feel free to use your scatter volley and torpedo spreads as any inadvertent fire shouldn't be enough to destroy the generators.

Focus fire the cube, ignore everything else.

Okay so your group hasn't screwed up yet and now its time for the 4 generators around the transwarp conduit. There are 5 of you so there is no excuse for all of the generators health not being worked down at the same time. This is the hardest part of the STF and if things are going to go wrong-this is where. The accepted norm is to work each of the generators down to 10 percent health and then 'GO' when everyone is prepared. The four generators should then be destroyed as quickly as possible. This will lower the shield around the transwarp conduit allowing your group to focus fire and destroy it.

First the generators...

...then the Transwarp Conduit.

Notice in the above screenshot there are now 2 spheres in the picture. The instant you blow up a generator it spawns 2 spheres above the transwarp conduit. Ignore these spheres and use healing powers to mitigate any damage they deal. Spawning from the Transwarp gate in the middle of the map will be a combination of spheres and nanite spheres. These nanite spheres are why speed and damage are of the essence. Those nanite spheres from the gate will begin to slowly make their way over to the transwarp conduit. If they get within distance 2 things will happen. Both are HORRIBLE. First what these nanite spheres will do is heal the conduit faster than you could ever hope to damage it. So they must be removed before you can attempt to destroy the conduit. Second, you just failed the optional because said healing has occurred. Focus on the generators and then the transwarp conduit! If your group blows a generator early there are very few options available to fix the situation. These options include gravity well, tractor repulsors and warp plasma. Warp plasma is the safest option but perhaps the least effective. Be careful with gravity well and tractor repulsors, which if not used properly, can actually drag the spheres closer to the conduit. After the conduit is disposed of your group should then take care of the remaining spheres. This can be slightly annoying because for some reason the devs thought it would be funny to give borg spheres infinite emergency power to engines. It is not unusual for a sphere to fly all crazy and wedge itself in the transwarp gate. If it does this ignore it and leave it there. You don't want to fly next to the gate and get yourself popped.

Conduit destroyed? Good!

Time to clean up spheres and repeat the process on the other side.

As the graphic states you will repeat the same process on the other side of the gateway. Remember the gateway is active and will kill you if you're sloppy! Don't shoot the gateway and draw its ire so you can impulse over to the other side as quickly as possible. Everything is the same on the right side except for one little thing-when you blow the transwarp conduit this time the gateway will spawn a tactical cube. Want to see everything I just wrote in video form? Click below!

STF Infected Part III:
More Spheres, More Cubes, and a Gateway.

All right both conduits are down. You can now destroy the Gateway. Theres just a couple things in your way. There's still emergency power to freaking fly all crazy n' stuff spheres everywhere, a gateway that will still kill you if given the chance, and now a Tactical Cube armed with mystery torpedo of doom.

Look at all this stuff that wants to kill you. LOOK AT IT. THEN KILL IT FIRST.

What is the mystery torpedo of doom? It's a regular plasma torpedo that never draws in, hence you never see it, that will destroy you if it hits an exposed facing. I've been hit for 89000 damage before by a regular Tac Cube torpedo. I'm getting ahead of myself though. The Tactical cube will not be aggro'd immediately. If however someone in your group has pets it soon will be. You can try to slowly pull one sphere and most times it will aggro them all towards your group-which will cause them to fly around randomly for no reason. Sometimes back towards the Tac. Cube which again aggro's it. Whatever. This isn't a big deal. If you happen to draw aggro on the tac cube simply keep it further than 10km away from you, which is outside its firing range, and kite the cube away from the gateway. Or you can simply fly around the gateway and use it to block the Cube.

Once you're sure the Tac Cube isn't going to murder you its time for part 3 of the STF: destroying the gateway. The easiest, and safest, way to accomplish this is to fly low behind the gateway within a distance of 9.5-10 km and shoot the gateway. I know, hard right? Depending on your group this could take a minute or two. You don't need to move at this point unless the Tac Cube is on you. Click below for the motion picture version of what you just read.

STF Infected Part IV:
Its Just You and Me, Uh, and Four of My Friends(sorta friends?), Tactical Cube!

Congrats the bulk of the work is now done. All that is left is to destroy the Tactical Cube. Now bear in mind the optional countdown is still going so don't take time for cooldowns or planning an attack. The 5 of you should be able to get the job done.

No time for rest, let's get into this!
So what advice do I have for you? Simple, line up as best you can with your teammates and try to attack the same shield facing. Mash powers like crazy and for crying out loud divert all power to weapons. Damage damage damage. I can't say it enough. Now in the video below of part 4 some of you more savvy folk may notice that I fly right into the cube like a suicidal maniac. There is a reason for this. First energy weapons are more effective the closer you are. More importantly though is that you can actually use the Tactical Cubes high yield plasma torpedo against itself. Remember that the high yield plasma torp is an Area of Effect, or AOE, attack. If you are up against the cube when one of its high yield plasma torps hits you, and that shield facing is down on the cube, it can inflict up to 30 percent damage to the Cube itself. I've saved the optional many a time on this STF using this trick. Of course the video below of the final part of this Infected run doesn't have this trick. Soooooo...yeah. You'll just have to trust me on that one. Oh, and that trick will most likely kill you too by the way. So make sure that Cube shield facing is down otherwise....waste of time and repair parts.

And there ya go! The whole STF broken down into 4 simple parts. I didn't cover builds, ship choice, space doff assignments or bridge officer power layouts. Those will be covered in a separate article and video I plan to do later, and which should pretty much work for any space STF. In the meantime feel free to shoot me any questions you might have about this write up at the email below. Thanks for reading!

Old Man KL.