WHY! Idiot of the Month for September '13
Posted by Old Man KL on
Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:41 pm

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The WHY! idiot of the month is something special. It means that much like everything on TMZ youíve attained notoriety for some reason (these days that could literally be anything) and thusly acquitted yourself poorly enough to be noticed by a bunch of loser gamers. Oh sure, youíll have more money and fame than all of us combined over our lifetimes-but thatís besides the point.

This is the internet, and here, even Manti Teío can have a girlfriend.

Did I spell his name right? I think I did. Not that I care if I did or not. Internet. This months idiot is none other than Bob Filner. Why Bob Filner? WHY NOT? Who doesnít want to live a life of sexual, political and monetary excess? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THE MAN IS ROLLING IN TAXPAYER FUNDED JUICERS. I canít speak from personal experience but I imagine groping women, when it isnít wanted or expected, is probably mentally and physically draining. The only solution for which is obviously a concoction of mangos, papaya, redbull and viagra. Donít think he takes viagra? Look at this smile. LOOK AT IT.

That smile ladies and gents can only come from an erection that has lasted for more than 4 hours. Hell, maybe even years. Of course to top it all off Filner pulled one of the best exits ever. It is true that you are innocent until proven guilty, however, only a politician has the ability to hold a city hostage and negotiate a partially taxpayer funded legal defense fund for his upcoming trial. Brilliant. Oh, and lest we forget, he also tried to blame us for his failings because he wasnít told that unwanted advances upon women were bad. Thatís not our fault as taxpayers-THATíS BAD PARENTING. Good job Filner, youíre an idiot. Who got over. Now Iím sadÖ